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Mira, small size, big efficiency

Mira, the new walk-behind scrubber dryer, has a stainless steel frame with 410 mm working width

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The Company was born in 2010, thanks to the ability of the owners, who have above more than 20 years experience in producing cleaning equipment for professional purpose. Because of this experience, they realized that the real needs of the professional market has changed a lot during the last past 20 years. Above all, they realized that only few of the main producers of cleaning equipment are able to propose new solution or technology in order to follow the evolution of the cleaning technics, which are today absolutely important for the cleaning world. The aim of the Company is being able, today, to give consumers what they need and understand their need in order to develop together what they will need tomorrow.

Mira, small size, big efficiency

Compact yet robust, Mira, the new walk-behind scrubber dryer, has a stainless steel frame with 410 mm working width, offers 3-liter tank capacity solution but with a cleaning capacity of 100 square meters with its ‘eco’ feature. The 13 Ah lithium ion batteries of 36 volts allow one hour of battery life to about 800 square meters. It has a pivoting drawbar, different types of brushes or pad holders and is a multipurpose machine: thanks to the wiper that raises itself and the pressure on the ground, it is also indicated for specific treatments, to remove wax or polish, just like a single brush. High performance is also guaranteed by the variable rotation speed of the brushes (two counter- rotating brushes of 210mm in diameter. From 140 rev / min to 210 / min). 

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