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With Aladin cleaning becomes everyday greener

Aladin systems manufactured by AR-CO Chimica optimize detergents’ dilution and usage, thus reducing the impact on the environment. All systems are WIFI connected in order to provide constantly updated information about detergents’ consumption. The systems are available in two different versions: Aladin pack, which dispenses unit-doses of concentrated products, and Aladin GT5, which dispenses ready to use or concentrated products. With Aladin GT5 the concentration and dilution of the products are fully customizable and constantly monitored. The systems are equipped with a software which calculates and sets in advance the required type and quantity of detergent (either diluted or in unit-dose) for every operator.

Arco, at the service of innovation

The mission of AR-CO Chimica develops through a project voted to innovation which considers fundamental the development of products able to satisfy the needs of customers always more demanding and highly professional, concentrating above all on after sale service, on continuous training and on the cooperation with stakeholders. AR-CO Chimica was able to create exclusive and with a highly technological added value products, such as Aladin and Infyniti system. AR-CO guided its customers to their correct employment through a series of initiatives that gave life to a real “green system” and that allowed the company to be always in the vanguard in its field. Besides during the last four years the firm has been modifying its own methodology for at least 95%, passing from a classical productive system to one specifically finalized to the development, production and sale of green products. 

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