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HE, vacuum cleaner nozzle

Spival reached its “first” 65th year in which, Spinelli family that founded and still lead the company, created a very wide range of cleaning accessories. Today the company has a R&D department that in junction with the internal plastic mold making workshop provide new products to the molding department that counts on 30 injection machineries and a brush making department with 16 tufting machineries and 4 strip brush machineries. Spival has as much catalogue products as OEM ones. In the last years a new line of innovative and competitive mop frames and mop called FPS Pulito was created using the previous experiences.

HE, vacuum cleaner nozzle

With more than 60 year of experience, Spival created an high quality tool to satisfy all the most performance demanding customers: the new line of vacuum cleaner nozzle HE. The HE nozzle has been conceived to be completely customizable on the cover and button shape without losing any score on ERP testing on carpet and hard floor. This new product, like every time at Spival, has been developed and manufactured in Italy and heavily tested during the production process to guaranty maximum quality, performances and long lasting. Main characteristics are: very high efficiency; rubber over molded wheels to prevent floor scratching; turning joint available in several size and parking; one pedal to switch between carpet and hard floor; cover and pedal completely customizable (even in two over molded materials or colors); very low noise. The HE nozzle is available in 2 versions: the HE 1.0 with closed suction channel sides to get the highest performances on ERP testing even with low power vacuum cleaners; the HE 1.1 with opened suction channel sides to get the best performance-usability ratio even on long hair carpets. 

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