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Professional detergents of vegetable origin

The mission of AR-CO-Chimica develops  through project voted to innovation which considers fundamental the development of products able to satisfy the needs of customers always more demanding and highly professional, concentrating above all on after sale service, on continuous training and on the cooperation with stakeholders. AR-CO Chimica was able to create exclusive and with a highly technological added value products, such as Aladin and Infyniti system. ARCO guided its customers to their correct employment through a series of initiatives that gave life to a real “green system” and that allowed the company to be always in the vanguard in its field.


Naturally is a range of detergents for professional cleaning formulated to be naturally effective and safe for both man and the environment. The Naturally brand identifies a range of products for daily use which have a very low impact on the environment, grant a high performance and respect surfaces, the environment and people. Naturally products are designed for being synergic: using them simultaneously in the same environment (following the instructions for use for each of them) will grant an optimal result. In this way it will be possible to prevent environmental pollution in complete safety.


Detergentes profesionales de origen vegetal. Línea de detergentes para la higiene profesional formulados para ser Naturalmente efectivo y seguro tanto para los humanos como para el medio ambiente. Naturally, identifica una gama de productos para la higiene diaria un impacto ambiental muy bajo que aún garantiza alto rendimiento, preservando las superficies, el medio ambiente y la personas. Los productos están diseñados naturalmente para ser sinérgicos entre ellos, usándolos simultáneamente en sus respectivas en el campo de uso el resultado que obtenga será óptimo. En este para que podamos prevenir la contaminación ambiental a lo largo seguridad. La gama Naturally también está disponible en formato concentrado de dosis única.

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