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Plastic/Aluminum vacuum cleaner extension tubes

Spival reached its “first” 65th year in which, Spinelli family that founded and still lead the company, created a very wide range of cleaning accessories. Today the company has a R&D department that in junction with the internal plastic mold making workshop provide new products to the molding department that counts on 30 injection machineries and a brush making department with 16 tufting machineries and 4 strip brush machineries. Spival has as much catalogue products as OEM ones. In the last years a new line of innovative and competitive mop frames and mop called FPS Pulito was created using the previous experiences.

Plastic/Aluminum vacuum cleaner extension tubes

A revolution from Spival line of accessories for vacuum cleaners for household and commercial use. The perfect blend between metal and plastic tubes. The aluminum core tube gives the nice anodized aluminum appeal and the strength of a metal tube with the lightness of aluminum alloy. The plastic cones have several advantages: they don’t scratch the delicate surfaces and do not bend if the tube fold down, they don’t stick together forever, like the metal one do, after an intensive use, if used in the cold places they grant a good handling feeling and they can also be easily customized with logos and connection systems. Available in all standard sizes within September and in the Ø32 telescopic version later this year. 

Tubos de extensión para aspiradoras de plástico / aluminio

Una revolución en la línea de accesorios de aspiradoras Spival para uso doméstico y comercial. La fusión perfecta entre tubos de metal y plástico. El tubo de base de aluminio da una apariencia agradable en aluminio anodizado y la resistencia de un tubo de metal con la ligereza de la aleación de aluminio. Los conos de plástico tienen varias ventajas: no arañan las superficies delicadas y no se doblan si el tubo se dobla, no se une para siempre, como lo hace el metal después de un uso intensivo, cuando se usa en lugares fríos asegura un buen manejo y también se puede personalizar fácilmente con logotipos y sistemas de conexión. Disponible en todos los tamaños estándar, en septiembre, y en la versión telescópica Ø32, a fin de año. 

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