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Sanitization Machines

Sanitization has assumed a prominent position in professional cleaning procedures. Correct  sanitization techniques employing properly authorized disinfectants need to be implemented to  protect the public from pathogens which may be circulating at any given time. TMB proposes OptiMist and SaniMist, sanitization machines which mechanize the effective and efficient distribution of disinfectant solutions through a pneumatic spray system (compressor + pump).

OptiMist: compact and manageable, ideal for smaller spaces.  

SaniMist: for the real professional.

Integrated time guarantees durability even with intensive use. High contact surfaces are effortlessly and efficiently sanitized. Perfect for the disinfection and odor control of car interiors. The product can be safely sprayed  through climate control air ducts of automobiles, as well as houses and buildings to sanitize and  deodorize. Compatible and safe for use with a wide variety of disinfectants, including hydrogen peroxide solutions, quaternary ammonium and chlorine-based solutions.


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