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EcoNatural achieves climate neutrality

EcoNatural‘s journey towards sustainability has reached a new milestone aimed at further reducing its environmental footprint on the planet and contributing to climate change mitigation. EcoNatural toilet tissue and hand towels, produced in Diecimo and Laval-Sur-Vologne plants, have obtained, in compliance with PAS 2060 and ISO 14067 standards, Product Climate Neutrality, which means that all greenhouse gas emissions generated in the product’s life cycle over a given period of time have been reduced or offset to zero. 

A pathway consisting of precise phases defined by international standards that can be summarised as measure, reduce, offset. The first phase involved the measurement of the product’s Carbon Footprint, considering its entire life cycle, with the support of Carbonsink, a leading company in the sector and specialised in climate strategy, while the second consisted in defining and implementing the reduction of CO2 equivalent emissions through the optimisation of production processes, the use of sustainable raw materials and the shift to alternative energy sources. In 2022, compared to 2021, Lucart estimated a reduction of 15,781.30 tonnes of CO₂e as an effect of the efficiency and optimisation of production facilities. The third and final step is the official achievement of Climate Neutrality through the support of offsetting projects for the emissions that could not be reduced. At Lucart, we have decided to offset the residual emissions by supporting the project that sees the distribution and installation of water-cleaning filters in Uganda and Malawi, involving about 537,000 people in 1,380 villages, offsetting an average of 19,200 tonnes of CO₂eq a year since 2021. This project aims to break the cycle of poverty and reduce pressure on the forests, while at the same time improving the health of the local populations and reducing greenhouse gases, avoiding having the burning of biomasses and the release of toxic pollutants into the atmosphere.

EcoNatural tissue products can be proudly recognised as circular, sustainable and environmentally friendly, being multi-certified: all products in the range are EU Ecolabel certified, FSC® Recycled certified and from 2021 all EcoNatural products manufactured in our Laval mill are Cradle to Cradle® certified. 

Lucart Professional EcoNatural represents the virtuous system that has enabled Lucart to become a true reference point of the circular economy in Europe and to continue to be a pioneer in the tissue paper market.

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