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  • March 2023

    In questo numero: Outlook Cleaning industry in 2023 Research Rules for high-performance cleaning Air quality Air conditioning and infections and…

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  • October 2022

    In questo numero: Research Cleaning and special environments Renewable sources A solution against energy crisis Case history “Iginio Massari Alta…

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  • March 2022

    In questo numero: Professionalism Cleaning and competent management Sustainability Circular economy in the Italian paper industry Sanitization Disinfecting environments during…

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  • October 2021

    In questo numero: Economy Covid -19 and labour market Research Microbes and surfaces: the role of cleaning Trends A fragrant…

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  • April 2021

    In questo numero: Market Cleaning Services: characteristics and trends Environment The European Cleaning Sector development goals Healthcare What is the…

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  • November/December 2020

    In questo numero: Technology The Cleaning Sector in Europe’s reopening strategy Survey The effects of pandemic on tourism Industry The…

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  • March 2020

    In questo numero: Technology Digital Transition: main trends Safety Protective measures and risk prevention Pest control Fight against mites: yesterday…

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  • September 2019

    In questo numero: Economy The European Cleaning Industry trend report The European Cleaning Industry trend report highlights the evolution of…

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  • March 2019

    In questo numero: Economy World Trade in “controlled slowdown” Made in Italy Shaping economy on a human scale to face…

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  • July – August 2018

    In questo numero Regulations Protecting data security. What changes? Events Interclean Amsterdam reaffirms its position in the Industry Pest Control…

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  • October 2018

    In questo numero Sustainability EU war against plastic waste Events Cleaning Reveals Beauty at Forum Pulire Pest Control BRC Food…

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