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Gesan Pmc

Gesan by Arco is a biocide disinfectant with Medical Surgical Device for floors and washable surfaces, tiles, ceramic material, etc. Effective at high dilutions against multiple microorganisms. It consists of an innovative active ingredient (triamine), characterized by a high bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal activity. Recommended for applications in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, food production, schools, kindergartens, offices, gyms.

Thanks to the aid of Aladin dosing systems, Gesan Pmc is transformed into a ready-to-use solution for the daily disinfection of surfaces. Aladin machines provide a 600ml silk-screened bottle for the Gesan Pmc disinfectant. The product is available in 2 formats: 5kg tank and 1000ml bottle with right dose cap.

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