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Strenght and reliability

Established in 1968, Poli produces and sells a complete range of motorsweepers, all equipped with powerful suction, strenght and reliability. The motorsweepers have been implemented and diffused through the years, with customers and clients. Sweepers are made of steel and are easy to maintain. Poli motorsweepers models can be choosen on different function systems: manual, battery, petrol, man on board motorsweepers, and hydraulic discharge motorsweepers.

Poli offers personalized advice based on the customer’s production needs, evaluating targeted programs in order to garantee maximum performance from the purchase of the machines. The relationship with the customer does not end with the delivery of the machine: the after-sales service allows the customer to obtain the maximum results from the purchase of a Poli machine. Scheduled maintenance also allows you to extend  the service life, making all maintenance procedures efficient.  

Sweeper in two types

Gemma is a sweeper by Poli with 80 cm of main brush, produced in two different typologies: the first one with manual unloading of dust container; the second, named ‘DSA’, with hydraulic discharge of dust container, high 145cm from the ground (115 liters) and with the possibility to equip it with one pocket filter (5,5 sm) or nr. 8 cartridge filters (6,4sm). Four types of motorizations: battery, petrol, diesel and petrol/LPG. Strong and ergonomic machine designed to facilitate the work of the operator and ensure long lasting performance with remarkable quality/ price relation. Entirely projected and manufactured with components Made in Italy.

Small and handy sweeper

Mia motorsweepers is born as an answer to the constant request of “man on board” machines even in the most limited spaces of business and production areas, deposits and shopping malls without having to give up the high performance that only biggest machines generally give. Mia is a small man on board with a 65 cm central brush, steel self carrying chassis for strength and lasting performances in time; Steel container with a capability of 55 litres, on wheels and extractable. Available in battery version with a work autonomy of over 2 hours. Batteries are accessible from the seat.

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