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Tradition, Research and Development

Spray Team is a company born in 1994 from the will of a group of technicians determined to make the most of their twenty years of experience gained in the construction of atomizers and nebulizers. In addition to immediately producing traditional trailed sprayers, such as the Start and Wind models, mainly used in agriculture, Spray Team perfects the construction and sale of equipment and machines for urban disinfestation and disinfection and for the treatment of public and urban greenery. To date, the agricultural sector covers only 0.5% of production, as the company has decided to invest heavily on the pest control market: in fact, there are now thousands of companies that produce atomizers, saturating this market area. In pest control sector, however, there are few manufacturers and competition is reduced to a minimum. In mid-2019 Spray Team signed a partnership contract with Gate Srl, a university spin-off and an innovative start-up, which has perfected electrochemical technology. The particular conformation of the electrolytic cell developed by Gate allows to carry out the electrolysis process of water containing chlorides, at neutral pH, with the maximum production of hypochlorous acid, even starting from only the chlorides contained in the mains water of mineral derivation, without further additions. This process is capable of generating large volumes of highly disinfectant water, which, rather than for urban disinfestation, is used in environmental sanitation. Spray Team has also developed atomizers for spraying the electrolyzed water, designing specific nozzles capable of obtaining dry air. It is with this technology that the company intends to get into the hospitality sector.

The Elite series 

The Elite atomisers has been created to satisfy needs of our most demanding customers, combining attractive, functional and safe property. The compact dimensions and the possibility of customization through various features and engines make it perfect for any use, from the simple “anti-mosquito” intervention to more specific treatments for trees and considerable heights. Elite, thanks to its easy use and its great versatility, is the perfect atomizer both for experienced exterminators and for those who approach this universe for the first time.


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