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Amsterdam Innovation Award: RCM with the NEXBOT project

RCM was nominated for the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2022 with the NEXBOT project, the COBOT. This autonomous scrubber made in Italy has been inserted among the most interesting innovations of 2022 in the Workforce and Ergonomics category for efficiency and technology that allows long consecutive work shifts.

What is NEXBOT? The scrubbing robot for professionals

NEXBOT is the autonomous scrubbing machine designed to efficiently clean large spaces, such as airports, shopping centers, hospitals and logistics, minimizing environmental impact.

Completely designed and manufactured in Italy, it was born from the collaboration of important Italian companies specialized in robotics and cleaning, among which RCM.

NEXBOT is a collaborative robot, designed to clean large areas together with a cleaning operator.

  • Cleaning is independent of the operator: the path is decided by the artificial intelligence system (patented).
  • The operator interface is easy to use. Cleaning task can be planned.
  • Best-in-class sensors, including Lidar, ultrasonic sensors and cameras, ensure safe work and precise obstacle avoidance even in crowded areas.
  • Real-time remote monitoring of machine work, condition and service, as well as reporting of clean areas.

Ecological cleaning and maximum autonomy

Patented cleaning system allows cleaning more than 6 hours with a single solution tank, reducing the use of clean water, detergent and wastewater to 85% compared to traditional floor washers.

Technology and artificial intelligence

NEXBOT uses the latest SLAM technology to map, locate and navigate even the most complex areas and Artificial Intelligence (patented).

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