Vetrina Internazionale

Evolving tradition

MP-HT history is characterized by the exciting entrepreneurial spirit and the ability of artisan production that distinguished the Venetian area in the early Eighties. 

During the Eighties, the Company kept on enriching the know-how and the knowledge specifically in the field of cleaning machinery with enthusiasm, resourcefulness and with a deep value of the family, with the intention to understand and satisfy in an more optimal way the real needs and requests of Customers. 

The ongoing commitment to research and development projects and the choice of using only high-quality raw materials and components, have enabled MP-HT to project and build reliable sweepers, with a high technological efficiency, safe for the operator and easy to maintain. 

MP-HT is a company in constant motion. We have a lot of projects for the future as follows: new collaborations with companies that operate in the field, the development of solutions to digitize the cleanup and the enhancement of the after-sale assistance service.

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