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Do you love Scrubber Dryers?

edited by Eugenio Cagna, CEO KlinMak

Do you know Scrubber Dryers with Hepa Filter  H13 ?

When you clean a dirty floor and there is food in the surroundings, where do you think the contaminated air that comes from the squeegee/turbine is deposited? On the food itself, also entering your nose or mouth and settling on your clothes. Trion is the only machine in the world that has opted to convey the air from the turbine to the base of the machine and discharge the air  through a dedicated HEPA H13 Filter avoiding contamination in the surrounding environment. 

Scrubber dryers with Hepa filter are the perfect solution for specific target group like Hospitals, Nurseries, CleanRooms, Laboratories, Food Industries, Stores etc…

Do you know how to turn 2 brushes with one motor ? 

The KlinMak patent calls for toothing the brushes, and therefore only one motor drives two. This has led to a reduction in total energy consumption and an overall machine simplification. In Trion, the turbine is also driven by the same motor with a further reduction in the current absorbed.

Do you prefer Scrubber Dryers with one or two brushes ?

After so much time, we still have to stop and explain the great difference between the traditional culture of single brushes and their limits, and our choice from the very foundation of our company: Dual brushes…… all the way!

Everyone is familiar with the glorious single-brush machine which has been used to clean dirt on surfaces for many decades. Everyone knows that if you don’t want to die strangled by the single-brush cable, you have to properly tilt the machine. If you don’t want it to rotate around and you around it, you have to use the brush tilted in any single-brush machine. Hence the most obvious consequence: the cleaning surface is drastically reduced by the washing angle. We can claim that the lost yield reaches at least 40% and therefore a 50 cm brush actually cleans as if it had a 40 cm brush, or less. 

Dual-brush machines overcome this problem, as the reaction forces are balanced. Thus, the entire washing surface is cleaned, without any reduction. 

In addition, Trion has double rotation speeds compared to traditional 40-50 cm single-brushes (340 vs. 150 rpm) and thus it is absolutely possible to confirm an overall superior cleaning capacity of the dual-brush machines compared to those with a single brush. 

Do you know Scrubber Dryers with 4 brushes driven by only one motor ?

And here a brief mention to our novelty of the year: Trion 5070. In spaces usually cleaned with a 50 cm track, our 70 cm track reduces working times by 40%.

Do you like Scrubber Dryers with the Detergent Dosing System?

As is well known, there are three systems for adding detergent to scrubber dryers. First, filling the solution tank with water only and adding the detergent manually. In this case the percentage could be well calibrated or very approximate (glug-glug). Alternatively, the tank can be filled directly with the solution obtained from wall-mounted mixing systems. In both cases, the fact that the tank of solution contains detergent is a negative, as in the long term it can deposit on the bottom and clog filters and tubes, requiring technical interventions that can easily be avoided.

How? By using the Detergent Dosing System Kit: (KiDo in KlinMak jargon). It’s a Kit that’s controlled (concentration in %) simply from the (standard) push-button panel. 

KiDo is standard on the Trion H and X Ranges

Are you familiar with Scrubber Dryers Lithium Battery Operated?

If you only know a little bit about Lithium Battery Technology applied to scrubber dryers, or if you haven’t fully explored the topic, then this is your Big Chance. But now take your time for the incredible benefit of the energy saving: The use on all models of the Lithium Battery Technology. 

KlinMak srl began working with Lithium Batteries in 2015 when, at the end of designing its Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer it discovered that the power unit responsible for cleaning and drying the floor absorbed a total energy amount well below expectations. Since then, the entire Design has been revised and the study and experimentation of a family of scrubber dryers with exclusively Lithium Batteries has been launched.

 This led to four years of hard work before we were able to market the Trion range in 2019.  But please note:  the use of Lithium Batteries is the end of the movie, not the beginning. 

It’s all useless if there are no energy savings in cleaning and vacuuming, and Lithium Batteries have a huge impact on overall machine cost, with the same runtime. Compared to the use of Traditional Batteries, in the various versions (Lead, AGM, Gel), Lithium batteries allow countless advantages, still mostly unknown.

 A simple and clear comparison will show how Scrubber Dryers with Lithium Batteries are much better than those with traditional batteries:

The first point is related to machine size, which is much smaller with small Lithium Batteries than with lead batteries. The result is that the volume occupied by lead batteries is no longer necessary, and less space means less plastic, less metal, less materials in general.  Which is a lot! Don’t you think?

The result is that the machines CREATED WITH LITHIUM BATTERIES are much more compact (900mm total length with 50 or 70 cm cleaning track in our case), lighter (70 kg max) and therefore much more manageable. Therefore, they don’t require traction, which is essential in the heavy models on the market (KlinMak produces a 70 cm track model without traction that weighs only 70 kg). 

The second very important result of the use of Lithium Batteries is the ability to be charged (like a mobile phone) in a very short time (about two hours in our case).

One day a customer told me: I’m sick of seeing my machines while charging. Traditional batteries typically take 10 to 12 hours to charge. Lost time! 

At the same time, traditional batteries are limited by their charging cycles. Who knows how many times you’ll be forced to replace the batteries during the warranty period? Especially in intensive applications! Or with micro-machines (12-15 liters single-brush).

What’s more, traditional batteries must be replaced every 350-500 charging cycles, while if managed properly, lithium batteries can be charged well over 1,000 times. This means that approximately every three sets of traditional batteries, you’ll replace only one set of lithium batteries. Sometimes you can even reach four. If instead, as in our case, you decide to use the Large Lithium set, you can reach the end of the machine’s life after more than 4/5,000 hours of work without ever having changed the battery. That means so much for those looking to lease a machine!

The very low charging times also make it possible to use the machines several times in the same day. With the Trion range, it is possible to work up to 12 hours a day in two shifts.

A last huge advantage of Lithium Batteries is the possibility of constantly having a clear indication on the display of the residual runtime in Hours: Minutes, and not a simple colored notch which is purely indicative and inaccurate in use for those who use traditional batteries.

The runtime of machines with Lithium Batteries is also much greater than that of traditional batteries  in our case, we have up to 4 hours with big Lithium battery (20,3Ah) and the reasons are also due to Trion’s ability to absorb little power thanks to the patent on its brushes and the use of a high-efficiency motor that also pulls the three-stage turbine.

Last but not least KlinMak Trion X is supplied with Antibacterial Tank and Stainless Steel Metal parts.


The continuous search for energy saving has allowed KlinMak to be able to use only Lithium batteries on its entire range, putting the heavy traditional lead-acid batteries into retirement. Advantages: up to 4 hours runtime, only 2 hours charging time and high charge cycles (over 1,000), reduction in weight (-50%) and in the overall dimensions of the machines.

The guide was sustainability and the reduction as much as possible of materials such as plastics, metals, pipes, cables, packaging, etc.

The use of the two brushes driven by a single motor (KlinMak patent) has made the difference compared to the now obsolete and inefficient single disc machines. Better cleaning results, reduced dimensions, as well as operating costs.

To these two primary characteristics we have added 4 incomparable “accessories”: the possibility of adjusting the % of detergent, the antibacterial plastics, metal parts in stainless steel and the possibility of discharging the contaminated air from the turbine through an Hepa H13 filter.

The Trion range was born according to 2 concepts: 

We have made 27 different models with the same components and therefore easy life for customers: machines simple to understand and to service.

The rule of 3 has accompanied us: 3 Base Models (40-50-70cm), 3 Power Supplies (cable and two types of lithium battery), 3 Equipments, and 3 Years Warranty.

Based on the three-year experience of the Trion range, Mini1240 is born: the walk behind scrubber dryer is even more compact, manageable and easy to transport on vehicles such as cars and station wagons. With a solution capacity of 12 liters and a 406mm (2×8 ”) double brush head, the Mini 1240 has the widest working path on the market in its segment. As is known, the use of the double brush, almost impossible to find in this type of models, guarantees a higher quality of cleaning than the single brush.

The use of the lithium battery makes Mini 1240 usable in an almost continuous cycle, as the charging time is less than 2 hours; therefore, the unproductive charging time, around 12 hours, typical of scrubber driers with Gel / AGM batteries, is avoided.

A big step forward for the cleaning task.

The icing on the cake is the Three-Year Warranty on the entire Trion range. Apart from a few consumables, you don’t have to keep any expensive spare parts available. You can choose to purchase a simple Spare Parts Kit costing a few hundred €, or not, for routine maintenance.

Life with KlinMak is quite simple!  Plus, we offer fast service. You’ll find Machines, Accessories and Spare Parts always ready for immediate delivery.

Clicca qui per ulteriori info su Klinmak Trion!

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