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4CleanPro, facing new challenges

Since the beginning of the year, in full post covid restart, we have again been faced with another challenge: crisis of components linked to the production of raw materials that does not seem to satisfy the volumes necessary for the global production of finished products and in order not to miss anything, an energy crisis where today this item of expenditure dedicated to production has now become unsustainable. These last years will be remembered as the end of the era of global business where the free market existed on all continents without many constraints and where exports were so common that today it seems impossible to give up certain markets.

The repercussion of this whole situation on the performance of our production companies requires us to have to adapt our commercial policies almost daily. Today we are no longer able to keep costs under control and therefore unable to foresee or establish programs and maintain investment plans without carefully weighing the consequences of an uncertain future. The importance of maintaining the quality standard at the expense of rising costs, however, puts us in front of a limit beyond which it becomes difficult to think of resisting for a long time.

We are, like everyone else, thinking of innovating, investing in research and developing increasingly technological, eco-sustainable products, certification and guarantee both on the protection of workers and on the product with an organizational impact of our companies which in the end involves increasingly burdensome costs where then in the end it always makes us think that if you were real you might have been better off when you thought you were going to feel bad. In spite of everything, we are still enjoying good success with our products and the good customer loyalty still allows us to maintain a positive trend. The quality of our components remains our motive and despite the difficulties in finding the components, MADE IN ITALY prevails today more than ever.

For the end of the year 2022, we will also present the new version of our flagship model: the Mira 40, the result of an important restyling while maintaining the main components of the current version. Indeed, after years of great success, we have put together all the suggestions coming from our most loyal customers by making a clear division on what was good and what could be improved. Thus, was born a very fascinating and even more reliable version as far as possible. We are proud of the result obtained and we are convinced that it will be a major player on the market in the coming years. The solutions made on this new model are also part of the new line of products that 4cleanpro is about to create and which will also be presented at the next international event ISSA Pulire Show 2023, to be held at Fiera Milano from 9 to 11 May 2023. These next months will be fundamental and I am sure that we will be able to consolidate our range of floor cleaning machines on the international markets. 

This is a bit of our note of hope and I sincerely hope that the world economic situation does not mean that the conflict on the doorstep of our Europe will be resolved as soon as possible.

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