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A fast and powerful scrubber drier

GMG has been created to offer a fast and powerful solution to halve cleaning times in large environments: industrial structures, warehouses, logistics centres, car parks, stations and airports. Given that the bigger the space, the more the time factor affects productivity, speed of cleaning was the first imperative: GMG scrubs and dries floors at 9 km/h, a record speed that no other machine can currently offer, which increases productivity by 30%. The Cylindrical version raises productivity even higher by being able to pick up small solid debris in addition to scrubbing and drying the floor, thus performing three cleaning tasks in one go.

GMG can operate continuously for 10 hours on a single charge of the lithium batteries and clean ramps with gradients of up to 20% at full load. Not even the type of dirt can hinder GMG, with the possibility of increasing the pressure on the brushes to 250 kg. In addition, GMG is the only scrubbing machine to have a suction system on the side brush, which makes it effective not only along the edges but further extends the cleaning track, thereby increasing productivity. Despite its size, it is remarkably agile, thanks to the rear-wheel drive on two independent motors, which enables it to manoeuvre smoothly even in very tight spaces, as in the case of reversing, which it achieves with a single movement in just 2.5 m. 

The machine comes with accessories such as the vacuum wand, which harnesses the power of the dual three-stage suction motor to collect dirt deposited in hidden corners, and the spray gun, useful for rinsing tanks when there is no tap nearby. The Plus version’s display is a real assistant throughout the operation. It suggests the correct parameters to the operator thanks to its 9 pre-set cleaning programs, and provides constant training through video tutorials on-board.

The widest possible range of safety equipment has been developed for GMG to prevent any inconvenience, and protect the operator, the operating environment and the machine itself. In addition to the anti-collision sensors and rear camera, the Blue Safety Spotlight can be installed, which projects a blue light that warns of GMG’s presence, thus preventing accidents. 

Today’s technology offers the chance to approach a cleaning project in a new, more conscious way, through data collection, optimising cleaning and its management. With GMG, accuracy has reached a new level. The FFM – Fimap Fleet Management system collects and transmits the information to the My.Machine app. What’s new is indoor tracking, which allows you to know within buildings which areas have already been cleaned and which still need doing to complete the service, providing an even more precise overview. Completing the picture is GMG’s onboard computer, whose display shows the state of the batteries, reporting usage times, the sq.m cleaned and litres of water used, energy consumption and the remaining battery and tank capacity. Also, it offers an estimate of how many resources could be saved by switching to the Eco Mode program, which favours a more sustainable cleaning style when conditions allow. 

Focus on environmental aspects has run through the entire GMG project. Companies can monitor the CO2 produced both via the My.Machine app and the onboard computer. There are technologies, dosing systems and cleaning programs to contain and make more responsible use of resources, and a recycling system that recovers and filters the cleaning solution to make it available again. Fimap thus puts tools in the hands of companies to revolutionise cleaning services with actions that increase efficiency and sustainability.

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