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Recycled paper as strong yet delicate as pure pulp


The hospitality industry is increasingly connected to the concept of quality, waste reduction and sustainability. Sharing the same values, Celtex offers to hotellerie specialists the E-Tissue line, the “first-gen” recycled paper which gives new life to pure pulp fibres and kraft offcuts, both recovered in pre-consumer phase.  A clear example of circular economy able to combine performance, affordability and environmental commitment. E-Tissue has a delicate shade resulting from its sand-coloured kraft origin, a guarantee of maximum absorbency and resistance, even when wet with a non-invasive smell. E-Tissue line covers the main demands of the Away From Home market, from industrial rolls, to handtowel and single-wrapped toilet paper, features an elegant decoration that furnishes the toilet with style and sophistication. E-Tissue paper is 100% natural, delicate on the skin and PEFC and Ecolabel certified, in full respect of forests and the specific environmental criteria required by the European Union. The special Flutech® technology allows toilet papers to dissolve in 15 seconds in contact with water in combination with the mechanical movement of the drain, preventing unpleasant pipe clogs. A guarantee of efficiency for hotels managers and an assurance of service availability for the customer.

E-Tissue: performance, pleasantness and affordability, in full respect of the environment.

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