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The power of steam

Several studies demonstrate the effectiveness of heat in eliminating viruses and bacteria. From this premise the research of STI – Steam Industry and the offer of products that meet the most varied cleaning and sanitizing needs starts. Laura Passuello’s experience.

The ongoing pandemic forces us to rethink our way of life. Cleaning and sanitizing are of utmost importance in dealing with the emergency. WHO itself reiterated the effectiveness of heat in eliminating viruses. Furthermore, a careful study indicates that a temperature of 71°C is recommended to kill most viruses. With this in mind, the professional products of STI – Steam Industry offer the right solution. The company was founded in 2009 from the twenty-year experience of the Passuello family in the steam cleaning sector.

What is your commitment today at the helm of the company?

“We have treasured past experience, inheriting the commitment and dedication that has always characterized our work, at the same time we have made continuous innovations and improvements. In a historical moment characterized by an invisible virus, STI is a safe and reliable partner to eliminate and contain the problem. One of the most effective methods of killing germs, bacteria and viruses is steam. Our professional products have a temperature in the boiler ranging from 160°C to 185°C according to the power of the machine, there is a natural thermal drop at the point of release of the steam but the temperature is well above the recommended 71°C. The total and complete sanitization of every environment and surface through the use of steam at regular intervals therefore helps not to spread viruses”.

What are the advantages of using steam?

“Steam is ecological, it is a natural element that allows you to thoroughly clean different surfaces without using detergent. It sanitizes the environment, eliminating mites, bacteria, molds and germs, thanks to the high temperatures reached. Clinical tests show that a 5 second steam flow at 140°C can totally eliminate the bacterial load. In addition, it involves less effort for the user because it completely dissolves dirt, even the most difficult, without having to scrub hard. Furthermore, the steam flow manages to reach points that would be impossible to clean with standard equipment. All this translates into a saving of time and money because cleaning is faster and no detergents are used”.

STI – Steam Industry strongly believes in made in Italy. Could you briefly tell us about the range you offer to the market?

“We currently produce and serve two macro areas: one linked to domestic use, the other meets the most varied cleaning and sanitizing needs of the professional world. The domestic line is a complete range, as it is made up of both steam-only products and steam&vacuum products. Their uses are manifold as they can be used to clean and sanitize every room and surface of the house, but also of premises and companies. STI’s range of professional machines is divided into two lines: Gaiser (steam-only products) and Comby (steam&vacuum products). The areas of use are varied: from the food industry to catering, from hotels to cleaning in public transport, from the mechanical industry to healthcare (hospitals, medical, dental and veterinary practices) “.

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