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Several studies show the effectiveness of heat in eliminating viruses and bacteria. From this assumption starts the research of STI-Steam Industry and the offer of products that meet the most varied cleaning and sanitizing needs.

The ongoing pandemic forces us to rethink our way of life. Cleaning and sanitizing are of utmost importance in dealing with the emergency. With this in mind, the professional products of STI offer the right solution. In a historical moment characterized by an invisible virus, STI acts as a safe and reliable partner to eliminate and contain the problem. The total and complete sanitization of every environment and surface by using steam at regular intervals therefore helps not to spread viruses.

The advantages of the steam are different. Steam is eco-friendly, it is a natural element that allows you to thoroughly clean different surfaces without the use of detergent. Thanks to the high temperatures reached it sanitizes the environment, eliminating mites, bacteria, molds and germs. In addition, it involves less effort for the user because it completely dissolves even the most difficult dirt without having to scrub hard. Furthermore, the steam flow manages to reach points that would be impossible to clean with standard equipment. All this translates into savings in time and money because cleaning is faster and no detergents are used.

STI strongly believes in made in Italy, so much so that their products are entirely designed and manufactured in the Fara Vicentino plant.

STI currently produces and serves two macro areas: one for domestic use, the other meets the most varied cleaning and sanitizing needs of the professional and industrial world with its complete range of machines.

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