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Nebulization of hypochlorous acid

Spray Team presents, in collaboration with Gate and Hypogreen, AWS (Automatic Water Based Sanitizer), the first automatic, complete and portable system for ultrasonic production and nebulization of hypochlorous acid: a sanitizer which has also been approved as a disinfectant and which uses a mixture of water and salt as a base. Thanks to the electrolysis process, this mixture acquires its properties of protecting against viruses, bacteria, molds and spores, and is automatically distributed throughout the room, setting the height and square meters of the environment.

AWS is therefore ideal for small environments, such as wagons, shops, hotels or restaurants. It does not pollute, does not generate waste and does not cause dermatological or respiratory damage, as confirmed by research from the University of Ferrara: it can be employed without any contraindication also when the staff is in the room.

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